Antoine Kogut - Sphere of Existence [VERLP37]

by Versatile Records

Sphere of Existence
Coquillage Argenté
Shadows Half Forgotten
Current Density
L'Oeillet Noir
Le Matin Tôt ou Tard Dans la
Speculative Dream of Astronom


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"Sphere Of Existence" is Antoine Kogut’s first production for Versatile Records.
A label which, with its 120 releases in 20 years, has helped shape the sound of Parisian electronic music.
It is also his most personal work. Explorations and electronic atmospheres, that Antoine Kogut knows very well: through his multiple collaborations with many artists, musicians, designers, visual artists, actors and especially with Syracuse — 3 discs, and dozens of lives.

Antoine explains: «The album "Sphere Of Existence" is an ode to the sensations and reveries that arouse. By mixing synthesizers, brass and vocals I try to reconcile repetition and improvisation, to arouse the unexpected in mechanics and comfort in the organic. The title track of this album was inspired by a certain philosophy. It can also be understood as a revolution (or a turn on oneself) or as another way of naming our blue planet, the Earth.

It can be interpreted even more freely, as did Ugo Bienvenu, director of the first clip, which bears witness to a forgotten future but also a celebration of desire, love ... and life.

Søren Kierkegaard describes the reality of life in three main stages: an aesthetic state of enjoyment (and degradation), an ethical state of self-awareness and a state of religious awakening; 3 concentric circles that form the spheres of existence
for the Danish philosopher. In which circle is Antoine Kogut situated today? Mystery.
His first album may be an attempt to find an element of the answer, but appears above all as an invitation to travel in his company, in space and in time. Being a great reader of science fiction (his father owned the legendary bookshop "Les Années Lumière" in Metz), he paced from a young age the parallel realities of Philip K. Dick and the cycles of Frank Herbert, before becoming passionate about music (classical, electronic, jazz) at the conservatoire.
His two group experiences, Bon Voyage Organisation and (especially) Syracuse were necessary and noticed steps towards the creation of "Sphere of Existence", a work done, solitarily, during
9 months of gestation that ignites in 7 titles of contemplative pop, hovering funk, cosmic soul built all this: the jazz fusion of Soft Machine, the krautrock of the wizards of Can, the irresistible languor of Italian crooners (Toto Cutugno and Lucio Battisti in the lead) as the soundtracks, so sensual, composed by Pino Donnagio for
Brian de Palma... But if Antoine Kogut makes this references his own, it is because he considers each of the titles of "Sphere of Existence" as «songs, not tracks». With his deep voice he has the ambition to tell us a story through them: his own, and that of the world in which we live with as a guiding idea that all Phillip K. Dick’s predictions have come true today. Which ones? You’ll have to look in the multiple circles assembled by Antoine Kogut to compose "Sphere of Existence".
A clue: all he used were 7 synth sounds. The quest has just begun.


releases September 29, 2018


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